Europe and the Military World Championships

I had the opportunity to work as the mechanic for the US Armed Forces Cycling Team as they headed to Belgium to compete in the Military World Cycling Championships. It was a two week trip that was split between Germany and Belgium and I was there supporting 10 racers (2 women Road racers, 6 men road racers and 2 men mountain bikers). The first part of the trip was spent in Rodenbach, Germany and was used as a training camp. The men raced in a local German criterium points race as a warm event before we left for Belgium.

The second half of the trip was spent in Leopardsburg, Belgium as we prepared for the Championship races. The US team did very well against 11 other Military teams. Several of the mountain bike racers Germany and Belgium had just return from the UCI World Mountain Bike Championships in South Africa. So the competition was world class and top-notch. Overall, it was an amazing experience and I’m looking forward to working with these men and women again in the future.


Staff and Racers


The Men’s Road Team


It was nice to be the #2 car in the Caravan.


Our Belgium Service Course (aka a connex).


Local German Criterium points race.




Getting the bikes ready.


Training ride in Germany


Our German Service Course.

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